Welcome to the home page for the SEPA OLS Series. The Open Leagues Series is a series of mtg events open to all magic the gathering card game players amateur or professional.

Events are held every Saturday, 1:00 pm, at MVP Sports & Games in Lancaster, PA. Starting with the first Saturday each month, the format rotates every Saturday. Saturday#1 is Modern, Saturday#2 is Vintage, Saturday#3 is Pauper, Saturday#4 is Legacy. On months that have a 5th Saturday, a bonus event is held in Standard format as noted below.

The OLS is a Guaranteed Prize League which means that regardless of how many players show up the Minimum prizes will always be awarded. If more people show up, additional prizes are added to the Minimums. Minimum prizes/amounts are listed below. As a conceptual example, a Modern format event with 20 players would award $320 in cash prizes. With 100 players it would award $1000+. And so on.

In addition to Event prizes, players earn Points. All players earn minimum points for each event entered. Top finishers receive additional points as listed. Player Points are used to determine bi-annual Invitational events, and top finishers from the Invitationals are invited to the SEPA Annual Championship which offers $2500 in cash, cards and prizes to the eventual OLS Grand Champion.


*Note: All points are displayed under your MVP PlayerID# (this is separate number, not your Wizards DCI number). If you forgot it/don't know it you can contact MVP to retrieve it.